Ankle Replacement

The ankle joints are real workhorses of the body, supporting your entire body weight.  Understandably, ankle wear and tear and risk of injury are common issues.  Post-traumatic arthritis – causing damaged tissue – is the most common reason for the last resort of treatment: ankle replacement.

Patients often have experienced a previous injury or fracture years ago. While the initial fracture healed, pain developed over time. Common symptoms for those considering an ankle replacement include stiffness, pain with weight-bearing activities, and instability of the joint.

An ankle replacement often can dramatically relieve pain and improve mobility of the joint.  Surgery involves removing damaged tissues and restructuring the joint with medical-grade components that recreate the natural gliding motion of your ankle.  In most cases, patients return comfortably to regular activities – including exercise.

Gulf Orthopaedic’s collaborative approach ensures a patient-centered team working toward your full recovery.  With Infirmary Health’s state-of-the-art diagnostic and imaging equipment on site, your issue is evaluated immediately without delay of seeking an MRI elsewhere. From diagnosis to surgery and recovery, your surgeon works seamlessly with our physical therapy partners toward a plan that has you back fully to the life you enjoy.

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