Workman’s Compensation

The team at Gulf Orthopaedics has extensive experience in treating occupational injuries. We take the utmost care in helping injured employees regain their mobility and quality of life after suffering a workplace injury. Our practice, located in Mobile, Alabama, accepts workers’ compensation referrals from businesses and insurance companies across the Gulf Coast region.

What Is the Role of Orthopaedic Care in Workers’ Compensation Cases?

The orthopedic surgeons at Gulf Orthopaedics are experts at diagnosing and treating workplace injuries. Orthopedic surgeons have an advanced understanding of the musculoskeletal system, which allows for accurate and complete diagnosis of work-related injuries, along with leading-edge treatments. Our goal is to get patients treated and rehabilitated properly so they can return back to work successfully in a timely fashion.

Listed below are a few of the many services we offer:

  • One on One thorough evaluation with an orthopedic specialist
  • On-site x-ray at all of our locations
  • Fall and concussion evaluations and follow-up care
  • Specialty casting/bracing available on-site
  • A wide variety of hyaluronic acid injections for conservative care options
  • PRP and ultrasound guided injections
  • Same day appointments with multiple locations make for quick and convenient care
  • An extensive network of diagnostic testing and physical therapy locations to expedite care in order to achieve a successful treatment plan.
  • Minor on-site suturing
  • Ability for consultative discussions between physician and case manager and/or representative

We realize an injured worker may feel uneasy seeing a physician who was chosen by someone other than themselves. Our goal is to build rapport and trust with employees, so they understand their care is a priority to us. Every patient is treated with compassion and the skill they deserve.

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