Advanced Imaging

While the history and physical exam is fundamental in treating musculoskeletal pain, many conditions require imaging to secure the diagnosis and implement the right course of treatment to get you back on the go. Gulf Orthopaedics offers leading-edge diagnostic tools onsite with digital X-ray (digital radiology) and bedside ultrasonography. With Gulf’s hospital affiliations, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), CT (computed tomography), and nuclear medicine studies are a click away from helping determine the root cause of your pain.

An MRI device is much like a sophisticated scanner. It is an outpatient procedure that uses a powerful magnet to create detailed images of the internal structure of the body. This type of image displays dynamic contrast between the different types of soft tissue and can be valuable to our physician team in understanding your injury, especially in soft tissue such as muscles, tendons, or ligaments.

Backed by the Infirmary Health system, our team has access to the only 3.0T (tesla) magnet in the region. This is twice as strong as a standard magnet and can offer a cleaner, crisper image to find even the smallest of abnormalities.

Digital imaging is available at all our clinic locations. Advanced imaging is offered at the following locations:

There are other imaging centers around the community that if preferred, we are happy to get you scheduled.

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