Knee Replacement

If your knee is severely damaged by arthritis or injury, it may be hard to perform simple activities such as walking or climbing stairs. You may even begin to feel pain while sitting or lying down.  If medications, changing your activity level, and using walking supports are no longer helpful, you may want to consider knee replacement surgery.

Why Should I Consider Knee Replacement?

  • Reliable and significant improvement in knee pain
    You can return to exercising and the recreation you enjoyed before your knees and arthritis began slowing you down.
  • Outpatient surgery options
    You may be a candidate to leave the hospital on the same day as surgery.   Discuss the options with your Gulf Ortho surgeon that may have you back in your bed the first night after your knee procedure.
  • Long-lasting relief
    Knee replacement prosthetics used to last only 10-15 years. New technologies and better techniques mean your procedure is likely to last a lifetime.
  • Personalized implants with the newest computer technology
    Gulf Ortho uses best-in-class implants proven to be the safest and most durable.

In addition to traditional knee replacement surgeries, Gulf Orthopaedics has been a leader in robotic-assisted technology including VELYS ™ and Stryker’s Mako™.  Both ensure predictable results that improve outcomes, increase mobility and shorten recovery.

The VELYS™ Robotic-Assisted Solution works in tandem with the ATTUNE ® Knee System, an innovative implant that works more closely with a patient’s unique anatomy.  The ATTUNE® knee increases stability and reduces pain, with a better range of motion and less of the unstable feeling patients often experience in everyday activities.

Why Choose Minimally Invasive Total Knee Replacement?

Many patients want the return to mobility, but not the lengthy recovery imagined when it comes to knee replacement. Our approach with advanced surgical robotics means more precision, smaller incisions, and less impact to surrounding bone and tissue.  Recovery time is much shorter, and results often last patients the rest of their lives.

Benefits of a Partial Knee Replacement

A partial knee replacement, also known as a unicondylar knee replacement, is an alternative to traditional total knee replacement. This procedure is ideal for patients who suffer from arthritis with damage confined to only one area of the knee joint. Rather than replace the entire joint, your surgeon will replace only the damaged components. To qualify, patients must have arthritis limited to only one section of the knee joint, such as the medial or lateral segment.   Though not right for everyone, partial knee replacements are a subspecialty for our joint replacement team. As a less invasive procedure, recoveries are often faster and range of motion vastly improved. Although recovery time is reduced compared to full knee replacement surgery, patients should expect some mild pain and swelling post-surgery, followed by a regimen of physical therapy to restore function. Most patients are walking the same day of surgery, and many may return to pre-procedure activities after 4-6 weeks.

Consider a consultation with Gulf Orthopaedics to determine if this procedure is the best option for you.

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